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Foot Doctor Anthony Chionis Phone # 718 323-0079

Please Note:  New address for the Howard Beach Office now located at 88-08 151 Avenue, Howard Beach NY 11414.

What difference does it make which foot  doctor – specialist you make an appointment with?  Well for one thing, Foot Doctor Anthony Chionis (Podiatrist) believes in learning more about the patient’s personality, and how they are  feeling instead of how much money he can get from your health insurance.  Foot Doctor Anthony Chionis has a conservative approach that treats every patient like family.  He is sincere, concerned, and ready to provide you with the best possible treatment and prognosis for whatever ails your feet.  His foot care office is cozy without too many assistants bumping into each other.  So you know your not paying for more people than you have too!  After all what do you want to pay for, a fancy office or a good foot care specialist?

Foot Doctor Anthony Chionis accepts most health insurance plans, and accepts credit cards and personal checks as payment. His answering machine is always on (24/7) and he will return your phone call the same day.  How many doctors do you know who will service you instead of the other way around?  He has taken an oath to serve and comfort his patients; an oath he takes very seriously.  So why not call today for a consultation!

What’s new?  Foot Doctor Anthony Chionis is now offering laser treatment for fungus toe nails.  Call the Doctor for further information at the phone numbers listed below!

 Sick Or Elderly Can’t Travel, Doctor Will Come To You!

Foot Doctor Anthony Chionis is a foot care specialist who will treat your feet condition (if possible) in the convenience of your own home.  In treating all types of foot pathology from ingrown nails to heel pain, Foot Doctor Anthony Chionis has realized the difficultly of traveling in bad weather or when you are unable to walk altogether.  Foot Doctor Anthony Chionis will attempt to alleviate foot pain by various modalities and treatment methods.  He will approach every patient with care to make them feel at ease within their home as well as in the office. All it takes is for you to call Foot Doctor Anthony Chionis at one of his two locations:

Howard Beach  (718) 323-0079

(click for directions)

Tuesday 9:00 – 5:00

Thursday 11:00 – 6:15

Bronx NY……. (718) 892-5542

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Monday 9:00  – 5:00

Friday 9:00  – 4:00

Saturday 9:00  – 12:30

Foot Doctor Anthony Chionis – History

Foot Doctor Anthony Chionis attended Fordham Preparatory School and graduated in 1984. In 1988 he received a Bachelor of Science degree from Fordham University.  He furthered his studies and graduated with national honors from New York College of Podiatrist Medicine in 1993.  Foot Doctor Anthony Chionis has been a Podiatrist/ foot care specialist for 20 years.

Got Questions?

If you have any foot care questions, you may email Foot Doctor Anthony Chionis at, or by twitter, code name drchionis Please make sure you leave your name, and details of your questions.  Please allow reasonable time for the Foot Doctor to answer your inquiries.  You may leave your address and telephone number for future reference.

6 thoughts on “Doctor Anthony Chionis”

  1. Thank you Doctor Anthony Chionis for treating my feet due to my diabetes. Because of your dedication toward patient wellness and personal concern, my feet feel better thanks to your personal touch. I highly recommend you as a foot care specialist and I will continue treatments by you. Thank again!

    1. Mr. DiPasquale,
      I thank you for your kind words. As I told you when you came in to the office, I treat each patient like family. When you come in to the office, my job is to make you leave pain free. Thanks again.

  2. I would have left a note last year if I had known!
    I made an appointment with Dr. Chionis after I broke my foot, saw another podiatrist, and was displeased with my aftercare. The office is a pleasure. Both Dr. Chionis and his assistant are great, friendly & pleasant. Dr. Chionis sent me for x-rays & HE CALLED the lab & told them to take me immediately! But he also requested an x-ray of my other foot. What a concept! He wanted to be able to compare. Who would have thought?! I was so very pleased with his care and aftercare. I highly recommend him.

  3. Dr.Chionis, my wife and I thank you for coming over our house and evaluating our son’s ankle. You reviewed his X-rays with us, examined him thoroughly and tailored the appropriate treament for his ankle fracture in a professional manner. We thank you for your time and excellent bedside manner you conveyed to our son and us. You are indeed an expert in your field and highly recommend you! Thanks again.

  4. My name is Rosemarie.
    My husband and I are Diabetics. I have been a diabetic for over 29 years. My husband has been one for about 6 years. He is doing well with his. I am not. I have Neuropathy due to having Chemotherapy in 2007 due to Breast Cancer. We both should have Diabetic care but cant find any Podiatrists that will take us. We seen one Doctor and he said he is an ankle and foot surgeon only. Another one said that he does not cut toenails. We both need the care of a Podiatrist to look at our feet and cut our nails. About three weeks ago when I tried to cut my nails, I could not feel me cuting the tip of my toe off with the clippers till I seen the bleeding and had a hard time trying to stop the bleeding.
    I would appreciate very much if you can try to find a Podiatrist Dr. like you Dr. Chionis that would give my husband and I the care that we need.
    After reading all your great reviews, I wish we lived much closer one of your offices.
    I thank you kindly,

  5. It is with great honor that I write a comment on Dr. Chionis’ website, a remarkable doctor and human being.

    I am the mother of a severely mentally ill child. It is impossible to transition my son into a clinical setting at a practitioner’s office, or to have a doctor make a house visit to such a challenging patient, except of course, dear Dr. Chionis.

    My 12 year-old suffers from severe autism and mental retardation. As a result of his abnormal gait, and the inability to perform routine maintenance of his feet and nails, he has recurrent ingrown nails of his great toes. Although Dr. Chionis has a thriving practice, he always makes time to relieve him of his pain, all the while working quickly and skillfully. I would be hard pressed to find a doctor as caring, willing, and talented as Dr. Chionis. To witness him proficiently treat a child so ill, his eyes filled with concern, all the while speaking to him, explaining what he is doing and why, is a sight in medicine as moving and humane as you can come by.

    My elderly mother recently passed away and he performed care of her various foot ailments so expertly. His quick smile and easy going mannerisms made his visits so welcomed.

    I recommend Dr. Chionis with not hesitation or qualification whatsoever.

    Sincerely, Dana Vlachos, Esq.

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