Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to see a foot doctor if I broke my toe? 

The foot doctor must examine the area and determine if the toe is broken or bruised.  The foot specialist may order x-rays to confirm the fracture.  Also if there is a fracture, is it a complete fracture? Did the pieces move? Is there a dislocation of the joint?  The foot doctor puts all the pieces together and comes up with a treatment plan.
What can a foot doctor do if I dropped something on my nail?
Injury to the toe on the foot.
Injury to the toe on the foot.

The foot doctor must evaluate the foot and determine what the best course of action is for the situation.  The bone beneath the nail may be broken.  Also the foot doctor may need to drain the blood beneath the nail to prevent further damage to the nail matrix (factory where the nail is made). Sometimes people drop things on their foot and forget that they did, and then present to the foot doctor with what they believe to be a fungal infection of the nail.  The foot doctor puts together symptoms the patient has along with findings to plot the appropriate  treatment.

Why do I need insoles when l can go to the pharmacy and buy what is there?
The foot doctor evaluates the patient and determines what is the best treatment plan for the patient’s problem.  If the patient needs insoles, then only a foot doctor should take a mold/impression of the patient’s feet. The foot doctor will choose the best insoles for the patient based on the signs, symptoms, and findings.
Why must I see a foot doctor if I have diabetes? Isn’t a pedicure the same treatment?
This is a question that the foot doctor often hears and must be answered.  The patient who has diabetes usually has either decreased neurological system or circulation problems, and a pedicure may buy them an admission pass to their local emergency room.  The foot doctor takes a great deal of time and uses a great deal of experience in order to properly  cut the patient’s nails and remove their corns or calluses. Treatment for a diabetes patient should be handled by a foot doctor, podiatrist.

My elderly parent has experience walking problems and has fallen.  Can the Foot Doctor determine the cause and how to fix the problem?

Yes the foot Doctor can talk about fall prevention.  The Foot Doctor can look at the patient ‘s shoes and advise them if they need replacing.  The Foot Doctor can look at the patient’s walking and advise them if they need some type of device to help with their walking.  Also the Foot Doctor can discuss and advise the patient  about the flooring in their home.  With just one visit to the Foot Doctor could mean a world of difference.  Remember, a patient can be seriously injured by a fall.

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