Directions And Office Hours

Foot Doctor Anthony Chionis (Podiatrist) has two (2) offices for your convenience:

Direction To Bronx New York

Tel: (718) 892-5542

1725 Edison Avenue Lobby B          

1/2 block from Westchester Avenue

Bronx New York 10461           

Bronx Office Hours

Monday   9:00 A.M.  – 5:00 P.M.

Friday     9:00 A.M.  – 4:00 P.M.

Saturday 9:00 A.M.  – 12:30 P.M.

By Bus
Take the BX 5 bus, get off at CROSBY Avenue and BUHRE Avenue.

By Train
Take the Number 6 train towards the Bronx to BUHRE Avenue and Westchester Avenue.

By Car
I-678 N becomes Hutchinson River Parkway North. Take EXIT 2 toward E Tremont Avenue/Westchester AvenueStay straight to go  on to Ericson Place. Turn slight right  to Westchester Ave. 
Turn slight right on to Edison Avenue, Edison Avenue is just past Pilgrim Avenue.  1725 Edison Avenue will be on the right side of the street. Street parking is available. You may call for detailed directions at (718) 892-5542.

Foot Doctor Chionis Bronx New York Office
Foot Doctor Chionis Bronx New York office

Direction to Doctor’s Office in Howard Beach Queens NY

149-30 88 Street, Howard Beach NY 11414

Suite 1

By Car…From Cross Bay Blvd. traveling south, make a right at 153rd. Avenue go straight, and bare right at the folk.  This will bring you to 151st. Avenue.  Proceed to 88th Street and make a right, the office entrance will be the first door (white storm door) on your left side.

From Cross Bay Blvd. traveling north, make a left turn at Shore Pkwy. Make a right turn on 89th. Street, and another right at the corner of 155th. Avenue.  This will bring you to a 4 way intersection.  Continue straight and 155th. Avenue will become 151st. Avenue.  Proceed to 88th Street and make a right, the office entrance will be the first door (white storm door) on you left side.

Parking…The best area to find parking is on 149th. Avenue near the corner of 88th Street.  From 151st. Avenue proceed to 85th. Street and turn right.  At the corner of 149th Avenue make another right turn.  Proceed towards 88th Street and you will see parallel parking on your left side.  Park as close as you can to the corner of 88th Street.  Walk on 88th. Street to the Doctor’s entrance as pictured below.

Tel.# 718 323-0079

Foot Doctor Office Entrance
Entrance to Doctor Anthony Chionis Office

 Howard Beach Office Hours

Tuesday:   9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Thursday 11:00 AM – 6:15 PM

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  1. I am a Diabetic and so is my husband. Could you please tell me if you know of any Podiatrist Doctors located south east of Cleveland?
    My zip cods is 44146 if that would help…
    I am looking for A doctor so that my husband and II can have Diabetic Care. I have Neurophaty due from Chemotherapy in 2007 due to Breast Cancer. My feet get very numb at times and feels like I am walking on Egg shells. When I have shoes on with sox it feels like my sox are all wrinkled in my shoes. I try to cut my toe nails and did not feel me cutting the top of my toe therefore causing bleeding that I had a hard time stopping. If you know of a Doctor near by I would be very greatfull.
    Thanking you Kindly,
    Mrs. Rosemarie Fiala

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