What To Know About Sneakers


Are All Sneakers The Same?
No they’re not! Let us go over a few words on choosing the proper sneaker. Sneakers have advanced over the years, and not all sneakers have the same function.  Where not talking about the look of the sneaker or whose name the sneaker is called (making the sneaker more money not necessarily better wear for your feet) but the way the sneaker was made for regarding the comfort and protection of your feet. 
Recently I had a patient who bought a pair of sneakers and developed significant heel pain from that sneaker.  I had to treat the patient and advise the patient to purchase a different type of sneaker.  When shopping for sneakers, one should keep in mind what kind of athletic activity they need the sneakers for.  Sneakers are categorized by the type of activity that they are best suited for, and particular attention must be paid to this categorization. Most people buy sneakers suited for running when in reality they need them for walking.  In other instances, people buy cross trainers and assume that they are for all athletic activities.  Nothing is further from the truth!
People should always ask the Foot Care Specialist for their opinion on what type of sneakers they should purchase.  The Foot Care Specialist can examine the patient’s feet and recommend the proper sneakers for that patient.  Walking sneakers differ from running sneakers in a number of ways, and basketball sneakers differ from those two altogether.  In addition people purchase cross trainer sneakers all the time and may develop problems.  The cross trainer sneakers is not designed for continued use in all sports, and different activities require different things from the sneakers.  The best way to protect your feet while providing foot comfort for whatever type of activity you’re doing is to check with the Foot Care Specialist prior to shopping for new sneakers.

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