Frostbite And Your Feet

What Is Frostbite Feet?


Is cold weather day after day good for your feet?  The answer is NO!  One must protect their feet when the temperature is freezing for days and weeks. Here is a few random thoughts as winter months is upon us regarding frostbite and your feet.


Beware Of Winter 
The winter months can adversely affect a person’s feet in a variety of ways. This winter has experience extreme cold severe temperatures.  If a person is exposed to the extreme cold, they may suffer frostbite.  The Foot Doctor-Specialist is able to evaluate the condition and determine the severity of the condition as it relates to the foot.  There are 3 degrees of frostbite and each degree has its own prognosis and treatment plan.  The Foot Doctor-Specialist is able to treat the condition depending on the degree of frostbite that the foot may have suffered.


Some Of The Conditions
Sometimes patients present to the Foot Doctor-Specialist with conditions that may be mistaken for many other diagnoses.  One type of condition that usually occurs in the winter months is called RAYNAUDS  phenomenon.  This phenomenon can occur when a person may develop problems with their toes.  The person may experience toes that are white in color than blue and finally red.  The Foot Doctor-Specialist is able to evaluate this condition and guide the patient towards diagnosis and treatment.
What Can We Do About Frostbite?
Don’t be afraid to visit the Foot Doctor-Specialist if you suspect any of these serious conditions. During the winter months, it is very important for patients with systemic conditions like diabetes or neuropathy to maintain their foot health.  The patient should wear waterproof shoe gear to deal with snowy conditions, and proper socks to maintain adequate warmth for their feet.  Also,  feet should be inspected on a daily basis to check for symptoms that may cause problems.  For your own well being, make an appointment with your Foot Doctor-Specialist.
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